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Meet my Reiki Drum

This is my beautiful drum that I use for Reiki Drumming sessions ❤️❤️❤️

I made this drum myself during a drum birthing workshop and I am connected to it as though it is part of me. The feeling of energy that flows through me each time I pick it up is simply incredible.

Working with the drum, in the Reiki light, is a powerful and humbling experience that is so hard to put into words - how do you describe something you feel?

The beat of the drum sends vibrations coursing through the physical body, energetic body and the space that is being held. You can feel it in your gut, in your heart, anywhere you’re holding onto things or where ‘blockages’ may be.

I describe it as a powerful experience, but just with all Reiki the experience will be as unique as you are.

I warmly invite you to come and meet my drum and experience the energy during a Reiki Drum session ✌️. Find out more about the Reiki Drum Technique here.

Reiki Drumming in Paignton
My beautiful drum used in Reiki Drumming sessions

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