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Sharing the love...

Being a massage therapist is purely a work of passion. So much so, that it doesn't even feel like work.

I am right there in the treatment with you, feeling into its ebbs and flows, reacting to and guiding your tissues and helping you sink into that deep sense of relaxation - the kind where your brain seems to float off to another world for an hour while your body feels like it's made of clouds.

It's often the subtler parts of the massage treatment that can have the most profound effects.

So, it's a pure delight when I receive reviews from my clients who have really felt this. I've received two such lovely reviews in the last few days that I really wanted to share them:




But let's not forget, I am the facilitator for your body to heal itself - I simply use my knowledge, skills and intuition, your body does the rest!

If you're interested in booking with me, you might like to read more of my reviews on facebook, as my clients can say it far better than I ever could. Click here to read my reviews.

- Joanne

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