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Massage for knee pain 

Can massage really help people with knee pain?

I have a wealth of experience of working with people to address their pain conditions, ranging from acute knee pain to chronic knee pain, an injury to the knee, wear and tear to the knee, post operative knee pain, osteoarthritis in the knee and even pain resulting from sporting injury.

For some people remedial massage to help them get back on form is what they're after and for others regular treatment as part of their self-care to manage a chronic condition is what's needed.


Everyone with knee pain is different and unique, so every treatment I give is tailored to you to draw on the very best of my mix of advanced skills.

I have experience of working to support people experiencing:

Knee pain

Osteoarthritis in the knee

Pre-knee operation massage and myofascial release

Post-knee operation massage, myofascial and scar tissue release

Muscle knots in the quads/hams/calves which may be affecting the knee

ITB syndrome which may be affecting the knee

Postural imbalances

Reduced range of movement of the knee

Meniscus tears, LCL and ACL injuries/tears

My techniques range from a feather light pressure as in Myofascial Release (which I have found to be exceptionally useful when working with knees), right through to deep tissue using elbows and forearms on the leg muscles above and below the knee, so I am always able to tailor massage to suit nearly everyone with knee pain. 

I can also work with you on your side, front or back so if being in one position is painful, we can work in another with equal effect.

Massage for knee pain in Paignton, Torquay, Brixham, Torbay

It is important that I always take a thorough consultation at the beginning of your appointment to ensure I always work safely and with your body rather than against it.  It may also be necessary to liase with your Doctor / specialist,  This is not something to be put off by, as it it means that we are working together in the same direction for your best possible wellbeing.

Massage, myofascial release and myofascial scar tissue release can all have great impact on people experiencing any kind of pain.  At the very least it can work to help the body and mind relax and let go, calming the nervous system and helping your pain experience.  At best it may remedy the knee pain and you can leave with exercises and tips to help keep on top of knee pain long term. 


Massage for knee pain can also help with:

Management of knee pain, relaxing and lengthening tight or stiff leg muscles, working out knots in the supporting muscles of the leg, bringing increased blood flow to areas of restriction and removing build up of waste to allow the body to repair, bringing your awareness back into your body, lowering stress hormones in your body which can have the knock on effect of helping you to cope day to day with knee pain, working with the connective tissue to assist any restrictions or scar tissue in the knee.

The list really is endless and it can go from ultra-scientific down to a cellular level within the body, right through to mental and spiritual wellbeing. 


I have read many a book on my own journey and had several 'a-ha' moments when I've been on courses, so I am always happy to talk to anyone considering alternative therapies to support the work they may already do with their Doctor, Physio, Chiropractor or Osteopath, or maybe you're at the start of your journey by booking in with me. 


I also have experience working with clients with a range of knee pain or chronic knee pain conditions and who choose to have regular appointments with me as part of their self-care.  You can read more about this on my testimonials page, as they are able to say it far better than I!

If you would like to discuss your own individual needs and how massage, myofascial release or myofascial scar tissue release may be able to help support you with knee pain, then please do get in touch.

 - Joanne

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