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Myofascial Scar Tissue Release in Paignton

Myofascial scar tissue release work can bring great benefit to clients physically, mentally and emotionally.


Having experienced the profound benefits of myofascial scar tissue release myself, on both my c-section scar and surgical scar on my foot, I had to bring this profound treatment to my clinic in Paignton.  To read more about my story please see my blog post.

The aim of myofascial scar tissue release is to help free up any adhesions that have built up in the scar tissue that may be causing pain, discomfort or restriction; using in-depth myofascial techniques, however old the scar may be.

The techniques are slow and gentle, yet can be profound in their effect.  I work with your body to ensure the work is within a comfortable range for you and to ensure your comfort and dignity throughout.

Myofascial scar tissue release may be effective for:


- Surgical scars such as c-sections, gall bladder removeal, knee replacements, hystorectomies etc

 - Inflammatory conditions such as endometriosis, Chrones, Colitis, IBS etc

***Please note: for scars under 3 years old please check with your GP or medical professional before booking this therapy.  There is no upper age limit on scars.***

To book a myofascial scar tissue release session, please get in touch here.

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