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Frozen Shoulder

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Today I have had the privilege of working with a client who came to me for a massage due to a frozen shoulder which inhibited their range of movement in the arm and was causing constant discomfort, making it uncomfortable to sleep.

The client had been experiencing all the issues that come with a frozen shoulder for 18 months and officially diagnosed by a GP a year ago.

During the massage I spent extra attention on the frozen shoulder issue, working the muscles around the shoulder including the head and neck. This was followed up with some range of movement techniques that work to improve how well the joint moves - this is done entirely within the client's pain-free range, so at no point would the muscles tighten up again - the focus here is to lengthen and create space.

When I am working with massage on a particular problem area, such as this client's frozen shoulder, I am always mindful to explore the mirroring side of the body. Often the opposite side can carry the extra burden to help the body maintain it's balance, which can then mean these muscles are over-worked and in need of some TLC too. By working both sides we can help the muscles lengthen, soften and breathe a sigh of relief, helping the body to bring about it's natural balance.

I am thrilled to say that the client was blown away with the results. The client walked out of my therapy room and was delighted that they could clasp their hands behind their back and raise their arms above their head - this range of movement they had not experienced in over 18 months. The client also said that the area felt so relaxed and pain free and they immediately re-booked for a maintenance session.

Seeing how a client's body can change after just 1 massage and hearing how this change has impacted on my client's life, just highlights to me exactly why I love being a professional massage therapist.

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