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Reiki Drum Technique in Paignton

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Reiki Drum Technique (also known as Reiki Drumming, Reiki Drum, Reiki Drum Journey, Reiki Drum Healing etc) is a relatively new technique which combines Shamanic Drumming with Reiki Healing Energy by bringing the Shamanic drum into the Reiki light to channel this energy. 

I am so thrilled to now offer Reiki Drumming here at Heaven on Earth Wellness Therapies, Paignton.

During a Reiki Drum session the Reiki energy is channeled through the drum by me, the practitioner, so that all there is for you to do is relax - there is nothing else to be done while you are here.   I will use both the drum and hands on/hands off Reiki as I am guided and ensure you are fully grounded at the end of the session.

Using the drum brings another powerful layer to the Reiki experience with the hypnotic beat and vibration working in synergy with the Reiki light energy for your highest good.

Reiki Drum Technique in Paignton

Being as Reiki Drumming is a relatively new technique, I am privileged enough to be able to offer this to my clients as one of the few Reiki Drum Practitioners in Devon (and the UK).

Reiki Drumming is available at my therapy room in Paignton, which serves Torbay and surrounding areas as well as visitors to the area.

To find out more, or to book your Reiki Drumming experience in Paignton, click here.  Or to read my reviews on Reiki pages click here.

I look forward to holding space for you during your Reiki Drum session here at Heaven on Earth Wellness Therapies, Paignton.


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