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2 HOUR MASSAGE Appointment JUST £69! (Save £21!!)


💆‍♀️2 HOUR MASSAGE Appointment JUST £69! (Save £21!!)💆‍♂️

Message me to book now as this offer will run out quickly as there are limited spaces in my diary! Or call me on 01803 362032.

I have a limited number of special offer appointments available from Tuesday 7th November - Friday 1st December 2023.

BOOK NOW as once these appointments are taken I wont be able to fit any more in!

You can use your two hour appointment however you like, as always your massage is completely tailored to you:

✨How about 2 hours to tackle aches or ongoing pain?

✨Or a full body massage followed by a blissful Indian Head Massage to really tackle that stress?

✨Or a full body assessment, massage treatment and tailored exercises to do at home to finally tackle that pain / rehab?

These are just some ideas of how you can use your two hours, but we can decide on the day as I always do a consultation at the very start of the appointment to make sure your needs are met.

To book:

Call 01803 362031

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