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Can massage help with headache pain relief and muscular tension?

Updated: Feb 1

‘After I saw you last I didn’t have a headache for weeks, and I’d been getting them daily before then!'

This client had been incredibly stressed and dealing with muscular tension in their shoulders from working long hours at a desk, which, following a migraine, they were then also feeling in their neck, head and face.

I couldn’t cure what was causing their stress. But I could give them a space to be able to relax, de-stress and just have someone look after them instead of being the one looking after everyone else.

Then I worked on massaging the targeted muscles that were involved in aggravating their headaches and worked on improving the range of movement in their neck and shoulders to free up any residual discomfort.

Et voila!!

One very happy customer and a massage therapist who is so thrilled that their client feels so much better! In this case, headache pain relief didn't just come in the form of tablets.

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