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Can massage help with pain relief or pain prevention?

Updated: Feb 1

‘I started having massage because I’d been in constant pain for so long it was just a way of life.
Now things have improved so much I have massage to make sure I don’t get pain again!’

Can massage help with pain relief or pain prevention?

This client had been suffering with constant pain for years when they first started coming to see me for massage. They were at a point where they’d just accepted that they’d be in pain and that was that.

When we were talking at their last treatment they had the realisation that actually, in general they were no longer in pain.

Instead they said the way they see their treatments had changed - from pain relief, to pain prevention!!

This customer can’t change the circumstances which can trigger their pain, but they have managed to get on top of their pain and therefore manage and prevent their pain as much as possible.

It’s moments like these that make me truly grateful for choosing this career path. There really is nothing more rewarding than helping people understand, manage and improve their pain.

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