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Deep Tissue Massage for Back Pain

Our backs have a lot of muscles, large and small and all of great importance, that all work hard and sometimes require some extra TLC when they are starting to feel the strain. This is where Deep Tissue Massage for back pain comes into use in my practice.

What is Deep Tissue Massage for Back Pain?

Deep Tissue Massage is, in a nutshell, using specific massage strokes slowly which allows the muscles to let you work much deeper.

Did you know we have muscles sat above other muscles? So we need to be able to work deeply to sink through the top layer of muscles and be able to get to work on those below. Deep Tissue Massage allows us to do this.

When 80% of people will at some point experience back pain, Deep Tissue Massage can have a wonderfully remedial effect. In some cases it can help to improve many conditions, reduce pain, assist with posture and help people with back pain get back to a 'normal' life.

What is Deep Tissue Massage used for?

Deep Tissue Massage can be used on any area of the body, but in this blog post I wanted to specifically look at back pain as this is an area that I see people suffering with day in and day out, within my practice.

Back pain is by far the most common complaint I deal with because it covers a whole variety of issues - lower back pain, pain between the shoulderblades, sciatica, slipped/bulging discs - the list goes on.

My aim as a therapist is to give the best possible massage I can, calling on a range of techniques from a variety of modalities, to give you a tailored experience that is going to help target your specific problem areas.

But remember, just as Rome wasn't built in a day, back-pain is usually a product of something that has gone on over time, often culminating with something seemingly small setting it off - 'the straw broke the camels back' so to speak. This means it could take a few massages or even a series of massage - I never promise to 'cure' anything - I'm not a Doctor after all, but I always call on the most effective techniques I know in order to do my very best for you, because I'm passionate about helping people feel better in their own skin.

What are the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage can have many benefits, not just to the area that you may be struggling with, but to the overall body as a whole. It can:

  • Help to calm an anxious / overactive nervous system

  • Help induce relaxation, helping you reach 'rest and repair' mode

  • Help to relax tight muscles

  • Help to deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscles, and remove waste from muscles by stimulating blood flow

  • Help to break down scar tissue

  • Help with pain relief

  • Help to lower blood pressure

  • Help with the functioning of the digestive system

  • Help with restricted joints

  • And much more!

It's easy to see how Deep Tissue Massage can be of benefit to nearly anyone, but if you're unsure if it's for you, why not call to discuss before making an appointment? And just so you know, I always do a full consultation before any massage to make sure:

  1. I'm working safely

  2. I'm providing the type of massage you want on the day and targeting any areas of aches/pain

  3. We can make a plan for the massage and talk this through together so you know what to expect and to make sure you're happy with it before we begin - it's you're massage and your body after all

I hope to see you soon!

- Joanne

Deep Tissue Massage for Back Pain - Postural Assessment
Deep Tissue Massage for Back Pain - Postural Assessment

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