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Getting you back to doing what you love

Updated: Feb 1

A new client came to me last week after falling off their bike.

They had spent the last 6 weeks in pain, with reduced movement and a lot of worry about if they'd ever get better and be able to enjoy their love of cycling again.

I took a look of information during their consultation to really understand what had happened, how they were feeling, how their pain was affecting them, what professional help and advice they'd had so far, how the accident had affected them both physically and emotionally, and what they wanted to achieve from working with me.

Their main long term objectives were:

✅Reducing pain

✅Restoring normal range of movement back

✅Getting back to doing what they love - out and about around the country lanes enjoying cycling

During the session we assessed both knees, hips and ankles to determine what movements were problematic and how each side was moving independently.

From there I used some hands on treatment including soft tissue techniques to improve range of pain free movement, calm the nervous system and help restore the client's confidence that their body will heal.

I suggested to the client that during the week they try some cycling on an indoor static bike to keep the knee moving, get the boost they enjoy from exercise, and begin to rebuilt their confidence about using a bike again.

I was absolutely thrilled when they returned a week later, full of joy, that they had been on two proper bike rides and done their strengthening exercises without any pain!

But best of all, they said they felt confident that they would make a full recovery and positive about the weeks to come. Treatment with me had given them the confidence they needed to get back to doing what brought them so much joy.

What a wonderful job this is.

Massage and soft tissue therapy, getting you back to doing the things you love in Paignton
Massage and soft tissue therapy, getting you back to doing the things you love

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