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Holistic Therapies for Trauma

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Physical and emotional trauma has at some point affected every one of us, but did you know that there is a link between our experiences of trauma throughout our lives and our health?

Myofascial Release, Reiki and Massage can all be therapies that can help release the body of held trauma (emotional and physical), calm the nervous system and help you move into a space of healing and love. It is ok to have time to look after you - you might find it’s just what you need and perfectly timed.

I’m always happy to talk you through the therapies I offer and any questions you may have, so please always feel free to ask. And if you decide I’m not the therapist for you I won’t take offence either.

Just so you know, I ALWAYS tailor each treatment to suit you as an individual being and only proceed with your permission. Some therapies I offer can be done fully clothed and Reiki / Reiki Drumming can be done without the need for any physical touch, and this in no way affects their effectiveness.

I am passionate about helping people feel better in their own skin, whether this is emotionally, physically or energetically, because when we feel good the world is a much brighter place.


Holistic therapies for emotional and physical trauma
Holistic therapies can help with emotional and physical trauma

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