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How can massage benefit our health?

Massage can have many health benefits as it works the body right down to a cellular level, helping remove waste and co2 from cells and deliver oxygen and nutrients by encouraging blood flow, stimulating lymph flow and freeing up restriction/adhesions in the muscles to allow the body to function well again.

In the case of myofascial release we can also free restrictions in the fascia (connective tissue) which allows the flow of the bodies subtle energy, helps free restrictions that may be contributing to muscular problems and can release trauma held within the body.

Bodywork is such powerful and interesting work with no two bodies ever the same, which is why I’m so passionate about it!!

A gentle, relaxing massage can help you reach relaxation and that coveted ‘rest and repair’ state, a more remedial style massage can help the body to realign from injury and just in general it can feel soooooo good!

Hmmmm....after writing that I think I need to book one too!!

Looking forward to seeing you all for a massage tailored to you, very soon - massage really is the greatest gift ✌️

How can massage benefit my health?
How can massage benefit our health?

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