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How to find an amazing massage therapist

How to find an amazing massage therapist in Paignton
Amazing massage in Paignton

What if you've moved from another area and just don't know where to start? Or you've never had massage before but find yourself with back pain? How do you find an amazing massage therapist that's just right for you?

Well, this is the question I hope to help you to answer.

In truth, finding an amazing massage therapist locally to Paignton, can be a bit of a minefield - there are so many of us about doing a fantastic job! So how do you choose who to try? How do you know what specialism you need? I would hope that having found yourself on my website you've been brought here for a reason, but if you need a little extra help then here are a few things you can consider:

1. Skills, qualifications and experience

The massage therapist you choose should be fully qualified, experienced and have the skills to deal with your needs. Don't be frightened to call them before you make an appointment to discuss what you'd like from a massage and how the massage therapist may be able to help. Any massage therapist worth his or her salt will be able to talk your ear off about what massage may be able to help with and how they would tailor your massage to meet your needs.

2. Recommendations

I always recommend my customers ready my recommendations from customers who have received a massage from me. I can tell you everything I know about massage and how I would tailor your massage to you, but there's something really genuine about reading other people's experiences.

3. Location

Location can be hugely important in your decision making process. If you rely on public transport are they close to a bus stop? If you drive is there easy parking close by? Are they within an easy distance for you to travel to and be able to get there on time for your appointment, and home again?

4. Price

Price is of course a key part to most people's considerations. Look for the very best massage therapist you can afford - and don't be surprised if they end up costing you less than you thought!

There are many different massage therapists in Paignton, each has their own costs and overheads. But most importantly some work very hard to keep their skills and knowledge updated and growing by regularly attending courses.

Massage in Paignton can vary in price, I have seen pricing anywhere from £20 to £45. But a £20 massage doesn't necessarily mean a poor quality massage and £45 massage equally doesn't guarantee the best either - the cheaper may simply be a reflection of some-one starting up in business and encouraging people to see how good they really are, and the £45 may be an established and busy practice that finds itself at capacity. As previously mentioned, check out their skills and talk to them first about what you need. Also do a little bit of research and read their customer recommendations.

Personally, I like to keep my prices as affordable as possible so that anyone who is in need of a massage in Paignton can come and have a massage when they need it, rather than suffer.

Keep an eye to my facebook page to see my latest offers and new customer discount - with money off an already affordable massage, what have you got to lose?

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