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Keeping in touch

I know many of you are now really beginning to miss the face to face appointments and hands on therapies that we are used to feeling such benefit from, and believe me it's very odd not being able to be hands on right now, but there are a number of ways I can still help, even if it's just keeping in touch so that you know I am here for you.

I am providing online or telephone appointments, please get in touch to book, appointments are just £10 for 25 minutes and are tailored to you, as my appointments always are.

Online/telephone appointments can be really helpful if you have any aches or pains you would like advice on, including specific exercises tailored to you and tips on how to self massage. I am also available to talk to, although I am not a councillor, a part of being a massage therapist is the ability to listen to you and allow you to get things off your chest in a professional setting. This can be a powerful release on its own, even before we begin working on the physical body.

In addition to massage therapy I can also help you with relaxation techniques and breathing techniques which I use in practice, to help you feel calm, relaxed and help reduce anxiety and depression - which many of us are struggling with. Your mind and your body are both so important to keep healthy and well.

Reiki is also another fantastic way I can assist you through this time and can be done safely from a distance. I can do this through an online/telephone appointment or we can simply set an agreed time where we both sit down in our own homes with the specific intention of sending/receiving Reiki. I have found the use of Reiki on myself to be really helpful in guiding me through this time, relaxing, focusing and readjusting my perspective.

Lastly I just wanted to say that after having a break for the last few weeks, I plan to start being more active on my facebook page and through my mailshots, with tips and nuggets of information that you might find useful, so if you're not already, please like my facebook page to keep up with me and sign up to my mailshot here.

Thank you as always for your support, I look forward to seeing you face to face once again, as soon as it's safe to do so.


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