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Migraine Awareness Month

June is Migraine Awareness month - I suffer myself and also treat lots of clients who have migraines too.

Clients really enjoy my head, face, neck and shoulder massage to relieve any residual tension post migraine and help them get back to themselves.

Because let’s face it, migraines suck, and massage feels nice!

I use the Migraine Buddy app to track my migraines and it’s really helped me to spot patterns in how often I have attacks, what’s triggered them, how I felt before and after, and what symptoms I experience each time (which has changed over time).

Then I go get myself a massage after I’ve had one!!

If you'd like to try massage, soft tissue release, Myofascial release or Indian Head Massage as part of your self care as a migraine sufferer in Torbay, then get in touch to book your appointment here.

Could massage help people with migraine living in Paignton, Torquay or Brixham?
Migraine Awareness Month, could massage help you?

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