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New layout

I've had a little change around in my clinic this week (yes, this is the sort of thing I get up to on my day off, that and deciding to wet vac the carpet!) - I hope you like it!

I have changed the layout of the room as I wanted to move the head end of the bed away from the window. We've had such glorious summer weather but this has meant at times the sunshine has been beaming in through the window and making the room feel really bright.

I love working in a bright, airy space, but I'm also aware that when you turn over on the couch and are ready for some deep relaxation in the form of a nourishing neck, head and face massage, bright sunshine is not what you want.

So, I've put some darker curtains up to help when it's really bright and I've moved the head end of the couch away from the window, to the calmer side of the room.

I hope you enjoy this new layout on your next visit.

See you very soon!

- Joanne

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