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Tennis Elbow Pain Relief

Updated: Feb 1

TENNIS ELBOW. Ouch!! It's not fun and can be worrying BUT there's some really useful information worth knowing to help you with this condition, including reassuring you that it won't last forever!

Up to date evidence shows:

💪Tennis elbow PAIN SHOULD GO or significantly improve within 12 months, even without intervention.

💪NORMAL USE IS SAFE and does not cause the condition to worsen, however pain may be experienced where not using the arm or hand would not produce pain.

💪It is very safe to use the elbow normally when you have tennis elbow, and not worry about the pain, but if you are concerned chat to your GP/Physio/Therapist.

💪TREATMENTS ARE AVAILABLE for Tennis Elbow pain relief. There are many ways to help ease the pain of tennis elbow whilst your body naturally recovers.

So, tennis elbow pain should sort itself out (aren't our bodies wonderful!), but in the meantime there's lots of ways you can help with the pain - massage being some people's favourite.

When it comes to Tennis Elbow pain relief, don't panic, try massage and see for yourself if this could be a great way to help you relieve your tennis elbow pain.

More in depth info is available using the link below:

Tennis elbow pain relief, Paignton
Tennis elbow pain relief

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