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The Body Does The Work

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

This week I have felt so privileged because every single customer has walked out of my door in a state of absolute bliss - I've never had so many compliments about my massage before! That said, it is of course all about the ability to help them relax and enable their own bodies to drop into a space of rest and healing, the body does the work, all I do is simply help it on its way.

My massage has become a real pick and mix of a range of styles and therapies that I love, this is why I say every massage is tailored because it really is.

During the consultation at the start of the appointment, it's really important for me to take details of medical history, how you're feeling today, any areas of aches/pain/tension and any stress you're experiencing. All of this information helps me to paint a picture before I have even touched your muscles.

From this, I am able to formulate a plan for your massage, picking from my 'toolkit' the most suitable and effective techniques for each area of your body. My 'plan' will vary and diversify as we get into the massage and I begin to feel into the muscles and soft tissues - this is really where the 'plan' develops and changes as I feel the tension, knots or adhesions that need my attention - as every massage therapist will know, we can plan all we want, but until we feel into the muscles and soft tissues, we can't really know 100% what we are going to do!


Bespoke massage using the right techniques for your massage
Tailor made massage using the right techniques for you


My week has been made extra special by this wonderful review from one of my clients on and just wanted to share it, because it really makes me feel good on the inside that people are walking out of my therapy room feeling this good, and this is why love doing what I do.



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