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The power of positive touch...

Wellness, feeling good in your own skin, a warm inner glow - it’s an amazing feeling and there are so many things we can do to nourish our own wellness.

Something as simple (yet powerful) as a hug - positive touch - has a profound effect on our sense of wellbeing. I'm talking about the kind of hug were you grin from ear to ear and never want to let go. Where you feel really connected to the other person. A heartfelt hug full of love that stems from deep in your body.

It ignites your senses, releases happy hormones within your body inducing the feel good effect, re-connects you with your body and actually helps to calm an over-stimulated nervous system. Why do you think we are always hugging our children? To show them comfort and love, to calm and sooth them, to nurture them and show them what it feels to feel good in their own body.

As adults we need this positive touch too. It's not something we grow out of. Why do you think you feel so amazing after your massage?

Positive touch is so important as a human being, at helping us feel really good in our own skin.

Today I’d like to set you a challenge - make time to hug someone you love and really be in the moment, be present and notice how good it feels.

...And if you can’t get to that someone, feel free to pop in for a free hug! ✌️

- Joanne

Positive touch from a hug or a massage
Positive touch from a hug or a massage can calm the nervous system

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