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Can stress cause pain? The stress - pain connection

Updated: Feb 1

Can stress cause pain? Is there really a connection there? What on earth can we do about it?

When we’re stressed we have less capacity to deal with things, so we can get overwhelmed and lose our patience with things that usually wouldn’t really bother us

the straw that broke the camels back

always comes to mind when I think about this.

Doing something every day for ourselves is really important in helping to reduce our daily stress levels, so we can start the next day with a bit more capacity to handle what life throws at us.

This is not selfish, in fact caring for ourselves is SELFLESS!

This is because

You can’t pour from an empty cup’!!

And that saying is so, so true.

So make a list -

1. things you can put down for now until you have a bit more capacity

2. things that are priorities and need your energy to complete

3. things you can do for you every day to help you fill your cup - it doesn’t need to be anything massive, even 5 minutes meditation or 15 minutes reading makes a difference or if you can get out and move your body for even a 10 minute walk it can work wonders

Managing our stress can have a huge impact on our pain levels too, so if you’re dealing with pain from an injury, aches and pains or chronic pain condition, this is a good place to start.

Bringing your stress down gives your body more capacity to cope with what the day throws at it.

And you know, if you enjoy having a massage, that could be part of your self care / pain management plan too, and I can help with that, so get in touch and let's have a chat to see how massage / soft tissue therapy can help you.

Can stress cause pain and can massage help?
Can stress cause pain? Can massage help with that?

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