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Walking the talk - remedial style.

I really believe in what I do and I always try to walk my talk.

If you follow my facebook page you'll no doubt be aware that back in November I broke a few bones in my foot and had to have surgery to secure everything in place so the bones can heal properly. As difficult an experience as it's been (though so far this year my progress has been phenomenal), it's also been an incredible learning opportunity - for which I'm very grateful. It has given me a wonderful insight into the mental and physical process we humans go through after experiencing a fracture.

That said, I've been desperate to get my hands on to work some remedial magic, but I have had to be patient and wait until my foot was ready to receive it.

So, knowing what I know about the benefits of remedial style massage therapy, but not being able to treat it, I turned to my wonderful friend and highly experienced therapist, Julie Flood for Bowen Therapy.

Julie was able to give me Bowen treatment before I had surgery, to help my foot be in the best possible state for the surgery, and post surgery to help with my recovery process and whilst massage was completely contra-indicated. I am absolutely convinced that Bowen treatment has been the reason for the surgeon and two physiotherapists jaws dropping upon seeing how well I'm recovering and so quickly. No-one medically can seem to get their head around the idea that I haven't touched a painkiller (or my beloved CBD oil) since December.

I have always raved about Julie and her Bowen treatments, so it's wonderful to be able to give her such a shining and impactful testimonial!

Finally, I could get my hands on it!

Last night, finally, I was finally able to get myself into a position where I could massage the underside of my post-surgery foot and my foot was ready to receive treatment.

The results this morning?

  1. Pain free. Although the pain I have been experiencing was not enough to require painkillers, it has been there constantly none-the-less. This low grade yet chronic pain has been there to remind me.

  2. The restriction I was feeling in the top of my foot has gone so I have much greater and free-er movement.

  3. My calf is no longer tight.

But best of all...

My 2nd toe would not bend and straighten properly, it still feels a bit numb so I put it down to nerve damage...but look at it - just look!!!

After 1 foot massage using remedial techniques, I am able to bend that toe just as much as my 'good' foot which hasn’t had surgery!!!

This might seem like a really small triumph to write a whole blog post about, but not being able to use that toe properly makes a difference in the overall stability, strength and restriction I’ve been experiencing in my foot.

Isn’t that just a bit magical? It really feels like it to me.


PS. The flower is covering up the scar - I didn’t think you’d want to see that over breakfast this morning!!

PPS. If you'd like to talk to me at any point about remedial massage techniques and how it may be able to help you, please feel free to get in touch!

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