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When back pain might not just be back pain…

I had chat with this customer that their back pain may not simply be muscular, or typical sciatica, there were indicators that there could be something more to do with it that massage alone wasn’t going to get on top of.

So I was able (with their permission) to send a referral letter to their GP requesting referral to rheumatology.

The client was successfully referred and had their appointment this week, and after 2 years of too-ing and fro-ing, and not really seeing any improvement, they’re finally getting some investigation into their condition which will put them on the right path to getting on top of their pain.

In the meantime, regular massage treatment and advice on exercises and lifestyle tweaks, is really helping helping to manage things while they await these investigations.

I’m so so so over the moon that I’ve been able to help them, this message really made my week!!

And it just goes to show the importance of knowing when something could be more than just musculoskeletal pain, and when to refer a client onwards.

Massage for back pain relief while awaiting referral by GP in Paignton
Massage for back pain relief while awaiting referral by GP

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