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1 BIG Reason why YOU should sign up to my mailing list NOW...

Ok, so first of all when you sign up to my mailing list I whole heartedly promise never to spam you! You can also unsubscribe at any time, should you want to.

I only intend to send mail to you when I actually have something worth saying to you, that I think might really be of actual interest to you, because I value your time and want you to spend it thinking 'wow' rather then 'not her again'!!

So there is a great reason why you should join my mailing list, that is if you live in Torbay (or surrounding area) and like to have a really good massage...

* People on my mailing list will be the FIRST to hear about last minute cancellations, which are often highly discounted. So, as a loyal customer you get the benefit of being offered these types of appointments first, think of it like being a VIP.

* PLUS I will announce any competitions and special offers here too, so you'll always be the first in the know (I can't say too much now, but I might have a special offer on Hot Stones Massage coming up very very soon...ssshhh!!!).

I really like the idea of building my mailing list of actual customers who benefit from what I do. I love my facebook page and of course this is also a great way to get the message to people, but I can't always guarantee everyone will see it - and I'd hate for my loyal customers to miss out.

So I warmly invite you to join today, simply and easily by clicking the link below:

- Joanne

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