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Re-Opening Monday 13th July 2020

I expect you heard my shouts of joy when the Government announced that I am allowed to return to work from Monday 13th July 2020 - I wouldn't be surprised if they could be heard from Berry Head!!!

However, it's not simply good enough to just re-open. I must re-open SAFELY. So, I have done a lot of work to make Heaven on Earth Wellness Therapies as safe as I possibly can. There will be some changes of course, however it is very important to me that your experience is still as relaxing and effective as is safely possible at this time.

So what have I been up to? Well...

I have taken on both rooms within the shop to work from. This means that I will see clients in alternate rooms to allow the other room to ventilate for over an hour between appointments. We have been advised that ventilation is our primary line of defense, and although recommendations are 30 minutes I have decided to be over-cautious - and why not, your health and wellbeing are important to me!

I have set up a hand sanitising station by the front door, so that every person entering and exiting the building can sanitise their hands.

I have invested in the best possible cleaning products I can find on the market to maximise your and my protection. Everything I can spray will be sprayed before and after your appointment. EVERYTHING!! This includes the couch, face cradle, door handles, floor, oil bottle, toilet, taps etc. You will also have fresh clean sheets for your appointment - this is nothing new but I just wanted to say it for your reassurance.

I have invested in PPE to ensure the safest possible practice. Current guidelines say I should wear a face shield and where possible disposable gloves so I have invested in these. I also have a pile of washable masks so that I can wear a clean one per appointment if required. I will also wear a clean top for every appointment. Current guidelines suggest that as a client it is not mandatory for you to wear a face covering but of course this is your choice, so if you would be more comfortable wearing one then please do. This advice may change and I will follow up to date Government guidelines at all times.

Appointments are spread out and clients are asked not to arrive early. This means no customers should come into contact with one-another, and you will be entering an environment that has been freshly cleaned for you. When you arrive please just wait by the front door (which will be locked) and I will let you in as soon as everything is ready for you.

I will ask you before your appointment, then again before you enter the building, a few questions with regards to COVID-19. Please answer these honestly as this helps us both do our bit. Importantly, I am also WAIVING CANCELLATION FEES for anyone having to cancel their appointment due to having symptoms of coronavirus, having come into contact with someone who has it, having tested positive, being advised by a Doctor to shield or being contacted by track and trace.

90 minute appointments, Hot/Cold Stone Massage and work on the face will not be available at this time. I am allowed a maximum of 45minutes in the room with you, so I will do the consultation with you before the day of your appointment and ask you if there are any changes when you arrive, this means you're not losing out on any table time, whilst making sure we are working as safely as possible.

Cash payments are still permitted, I ask you to bring the correct cash and leave it on the couch at the end of your appointment. I will sanitise all cash and keep it in a box for at least 72hrs before handling it. Please also bring your own bottle of water.

I am following all Government and Industry Body guidelines to ensure I am working as safely as possible. Being in this industry we are already very used to high hygiene standards and lots of hand washing, but building on these and complying with all the guidance is important.

These guidelines may change in the future so please rest assured I am following all Government and industry body updates to make my practice as safe as possible.

As always, if you have any questions please do ask, I am here to put your mind at ease, and if you have any concerns I will listen.

For more information, or to see my risk assessment, please visit this page of my website.

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