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All About C-Section Scars

On Friday I was delighted to be invited to the Mummy and Me group at St Matthias Church in Torquay.

The group is run by the absolutely lovely Lena and Kate, who hosted 30 parents with their under 1s.

I was invited to chat to the mums particularly about c-sections and those who were experiencing pain, restriction, Numbness, pulling or any other sensation around their c section scar, as well as sensations they’d noticed from having a spinal and how this affected them.

We discussed how myofascial scar tissue release may be able to help with c section scar discomfort and the sort of things they can do to help themselves too.

Lots of topics of discussion came up, including ladies who had experienced multiple births via cesarean section, neck shoulder and upper back pain from breastfeeding, nerves about returning to work and so much more!

It was an absolute joy to share my knowledge with such a lovely group and I look forward to visiting more local groups soon.

A talk about cesarean section scar discomfort, Wellswood Torquay
Discussing c-section scar discomfort at Mummy and Me Torquay

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