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Massage, Pain and Health

Well that’s the end of a very interesting week! This week I have helped clients with:

✅ Understanding their pain and empowering them to feel good in their bodies

✅ Menopause

✅ Fibromyalgia

✅ Chronic pain

✅ Rehabilitation from injury

✅ Frozen shoulder pain and rehab

✅ Pre operative stress and pain, and making sense of what lies ahead

✅ Post operative recovery, optimism about getting better and feeling good in their body

✅ Slipped disc

✅ Sciatica

✅ Osteoarthritis

✅ Scar pain

✅ Stress

✅ Neck pain and restricted movement

✅ Pinched nerve

✅ Recovery from a broken foot and ACL injury

…and everything in between!

Now it’s time for me to practice what I preach - drink plenty of water, relax and get an early night.

Have a great weekend everyone - and if you’re experiencing pain, you don’t have to!!

Get in touch here.

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